Paw Prints


Our pets leave lasting impressions on our hearts. To return the favor, we provide a personal, lasting impression of your pet’s paws for you in two options:

memorial-paw-printMemorial Paw Print

Paw print impression in leather case: This leather-finished frame displays a 5” X 4” (matted) photograph of your beloved pet on the left side while the right side contains a clay impression with one of your pet’s paw prints. This clay does not have to be baked by the owner.

The cost is $35.00 including tax.

regular-paw-printRegular Clay Paw Print

Paw prints in bakeable clay: After we impress one of your pet’s paw prints into clay, along with your pet’s name, you can take home the piece and bake it in the oven; we provide the proper instructions to ensure the keepsake comes out perfect and remains so for years to come.

The cost is $18.00 including tax.