Pet Cremation Services of Tidewater offers pick-up services seven days a week. We will pick up your pet from your home or veterinary clinic or accept your pet at our facility.

We will have pets ashes ready for pick up within 24-48 hours. In most instances, pet ashes will be ready for pick up at our office the next business day.

NOTE TO VETERINARY CLINICS: Pet Cremation Services of Tidewater is more than happy to come to your practice and educate your staff on our services at no charge, so that you may be more informed and are able to offer our services to your clients in their time of need.


Many families are beginning to Pre-Arrange their pet’s cremation services.  In the case of equine, we strongly recommend this.  The process is very simple and the initial paperwork can be done in a few minutes.  You can come in to our facility or use the contact form on the side of this page to begin the process.  We will then contact you to make an appointment for the prearrangement agreement (which can also be completed by email,fax, or phone).  Prepayment options are available as well.

Seven Step Process

We provide a comprehensive seven step process to ensure that the pets ashes are returned to the rightful owner. It is important for the owner to know that their beloved pet has truly been returned to them.

Step One: Once a pick up has been scheduled, we provide a cremation ID number to the pet.

Step Two: We identify and tag the pet with the cremation ID number upon pick up.

Step Three: A stainless steel cremation disc with the ID number engraved on it remains with the pet throughout the cremation process.

Step Four: The ashes and disc are placed in a complimentary decorative container labeled with the pets name.

Step Five: The complimentary decorative container is also labeled with the cremation ID number.

Step Six: A certificate of cremation bearing the pet’s name, cremation ID number and date of cremation is prepared and personally signed.

Step Seven: Paperwork with the pet’s information is matched with the pet’s ashes.


wood-urnOur cremation fees are based on the weight of the pet and include the following:

  • Pick up of the pet during normal office hours and within a 25 mile radius of our facility
  • Pet’s ashes placed in a complimentary decorative wood urn with brass nameplate
  • Certificate of Cremation, suitable for framing
  • Copy of the “Rainbow Bridge” poem, suitable for framing

Fees by Weight

Up to 15 lbs – $135.00
16 to 45 lbs – $165.00
46 to 70 lbs – $195.00
71 to 90 lbs – $235.00
91 to 125 lbs – $265.00
126 to 150 lbs – $285.00
151lbs and over – $295.00

For aviary, wildlife, and pocket pets, please call office for pricing.

Additional Fees

Removal After Hours and Sundays – $45.00
Removal Outside 25 Mile Radius – Call for Quote
Home delivery – Call for Quote

Upgraded Urns, Lawn Markers and Engraving

  • Various types of urns – $50.00-$195.00
  • Lawn Markers & Natural Stones – $75.00 to $195.00
  • Engraving – Call for Quote

Equine Cremations – Call for pricing