Bubbles – Bauguess

Bubbles – Bauguess



  • Persian
  • Passed on October 2, 2014

A Special Message from Karen Bauguess :

How it all began…Bubbles and Me.
Sometime around the year 2000 Bubbles was just a stray cat who was hanging out in a sewer in Chick’s Beach near Lookout Road and Pleasure House Road in Virginia Beach, VA

He would appear only at night and he seemed to be drawing a crowd every night mainly because of his striking, white long-haired coat. My boyfriend at the time Sean Doherty already owned a cat and felt an urge to catch Bubbles as a plan to give his male cat – “Baileys,” a partner. Not to mention Sean was the competitive type and he wanted to be the one who could catch the cat.

We hooked up a long string to a cat carrier put a can of tuna in it and caught Bubbles with little effort besides waiting awhile in the back the truck quietly for him to pop out of the sewer. When me and Sean finally ended our relationship after many years, Sean kept Bubbles for almost 6 months until one day, he called my father and asked him to come get “the cat.”

I am eternally grateful to Sean that he did that. Bubbles became officially my very first cat and my very best friend for years to come. Who knew then that Bubbles would eventually offer me examples of his everlasting loyalty by potentially saving my life on more than one occasion, (some of you know the stories) and not to mention him being there for all my good and bad days.

Since I never had children of my own Bubbles truly was my child, my son, my best friend. He unconditionally gave me companionship and his love and helped me spiritually through all of life’s suffering and celebrated with me all life’s good fortunes and happy times too.

Bubble’s favorite toy was a Green stuffed Fish, and a Red stuffed mouse. His favorite treats were Whisker Lickins Soft Tuna Treats, and for many years you could find him in his favorite basket sleeping or massaging his paws.

Bubbles also enjoyed getting a bath and lion clip, four times a year for most of his life. Bubbles was also referred to as “Bubs” “Bubbies” and “Bubbie Jenkins” and of course Bubbles Bauguess.

The Vet could only guestimate that Bubbles was about 12 to 18 months old when we found him so Bubbles was approximately 15 to 15-1/2 human years. I currently have Bubble’s ashes with me so I am keeping him close as if he never left.

I am so glad that I had the chance to be Bubble’s forever mom and best friend too! I will miss him so much and so many others will too! I love you Bubbles!