Angus – Paul

Angus – Paul


Angus- Paul

  • Long – Haired Kitty
  • Passed on May 30, 2014

A Special Message from Renee Paul: 

recently as you know
I had a loss so dear
its my little boy Angus
I hold so dear
please have him with you
and hold him tight
so I can have some peace and sleep tonight
he will give you so much love
because he did it for me
tell him I love and miss him
and keep him for me
but when I pass
please let him go
so he can come back
with his mommy who loves him so
I love my human family that has passed
but its my pets I want to see right away
it may sound strange
for me to say
but unconditional love is why I feel this way
so with tears in my eyes
and a broken heart
ill give him to you
till its my turn to part
love your mommy